CJ's Coffee Fundraising

Earn Big
While Helping Women Coffee Growers in Peru!

— You Win —
you keep 33-40% of your sales total—a very high rate

— Your Customers Win —
a delicious and healthy product that most people use everyday anyway

— The Coffee Growers Win —
sustainable incomes for women & their families – Café Femenino pays the growers even better than Fair Trade programs

— The Environment Wins —
no chemicals are used to grow this coffee—it is 100% organic

Women working the Cofee fields in Peru

Why is Cafe Femenino Coffee at the Heart of CJ’s Coffee Fundraising?

The Cafe Femenino project is an international, non-profit organization that was set up to address how few opportunities there are for rural women to earn sustainable incomes in coffee growing countries.

The Cafe Femenino project establishes women as owners and operators of their own coffee operations, and helps them to work collectively with other rural women in their region to bring their product to the international market.

Women who had no opportunity to have any financial control, are given the opportunity to earn an income that they can use to provide food, water, housing, health care and an education for their families.

CJ sells this coffee at CJ’s Café in Bronte and works with groups like yours to get more people drinking Café Femenino and supporting these growers.

You can learn more about the inspiring Café Femenino Project at www.cafefemenino.com or search Café Femenino on YouTube.

Café Femenino Coffee
The Heart of Your
Fundraising Campaign!

2 Ways for You to Raise Funds

Program 1: The most profitable program: Your Students or Members Sell The Coffee

Groups have their students or members take orders, selling the coffee at $10 for a 10oz bag or $15 for a 16oz (one Pound) bag. You keep 33-40% of the total sales dollars. You can use traditional paper order forms & collect cash, or send out emails and let your customers order & pay online – what could be easier! We’ll help set you up!

This chart shows how much your group can earn. If you have a large group, like a school, it is possible to earn over $12,000 relatively easily.

Selling the coffee is easy and the percentage you keep goes up with the more bags you sell. The new rate is applied to the entire order.

Your Group Earns Big Selling Café Femenino Coffee

The Percentage You Keep Is Higher Than Almost Any Other Fundraising Program You Can Choose if Your Group Wants to Sell

10oz Bags for $10 each or 16oz (One Pound)Bags for $15 each
16oz (One Pound)Bags for $15 each

If You Sell Up to 1000 pounds, You Keep 33%

Ie, You Sell 800 x 10 oz Bags at $10 Ie, You Sell 500 x 16oz Bags at $15
= 500 pounds = 500 pounds
You keep $3.30 / bag You keep $4.95 / bag
YOU EARN $2,640 YOU EARN $2,475

If You Sell 1000-2000 Pounds You Keep 37%

Ie, You Sell 1600 x 10 oz Bags at $10 Ie, You Sell 1000 x 16oz Bags at $15
= 1000 pounds = 1000 pounds
You keep $3.70 / bag You keep $5.55 / bag
YOU EARN $5,920 YOU EARN $5,550

If You Sell Past 2000 Pounds You Keep 40%

Ie, You Sell 3200 x 10 oz Bags at $10 Ie, You Sell 2000 x 16oz Bags at $15
= 2000 pounds = 2000 pounds
You keep $4.00 / bag You keep $6.00 / bag
YOU EARN $12,800 YOU EARN $12,000

But the earning doesn’t stop there!

Every one of your customers who buys the coffee also receives a stamp-card. When they buy a pound of coffee at the Café, they get a stamp, up to 20. At the end of an agreed time, the group gathers in the cards, and counts the stamps.

Sample handout front

Sample handout back

CJ will give you $5 for every stamp. This creates the potential for thousands more dollars from the stamp-cards at the end of the period.

Program 2 A passive earning program: Just Have Your Supporters Buy Their Coffee Direct From CJ’s Café in Bronte and You Earn!

Instead of going out and selling coffee, groups simply give out a stamp-card to their members or students, which they themselves can use. Again, gather in the cards at the end of an agreed period and CJ will give you $5 for every stamp.

For a group with 25 members, if each member bought 4 pounds of coffee over the period, the group would get $500, with no work at all. And they would have enjoyed great coffee and helped hardworking women in Peru.

CJ Makes it EASY to succeed!

CJ standing beside Coffe Pots

CJ Martin, owner of CJ’s Café in Bronte, used to work in the non-profit / social justice field, which explains her passion for helping local & international community projects.

CJ makes it easy for you to take on this fundraising program. Having worked in non-profits for years, often in fundraising, she understands your needs and is able to work with you.

She will provide the order forms and support material, and can help you set up online sales to make it easier to achieve higher results.

CJ has a power-point presentation provided by students who visited a Café Femenino project in Peru in May of 2012. She can share this with your group, to help educate and motivate.

You will enjoy working with this local entrepreneur who thinks globally, acts locally.

Samples from our latest
Coffee Fundraising partner:

Sample Order Form

Sample Order Form

Sample Bag Label

Sample Bag Label

Sample Incentive/Reward Gift for Sellers

Sample Hot Chocolate Coupon

Sample Give-Away Info for Sellers to Give Customers

Fundrasing Give Out to Customers Example

Cafe Femenino Coffee Fundraiser Introductory Information Sheet (PDF)

Email requests to community@cjscafeinbronte.com